Figueres Toy Museum

The Toy Museum of Catalonia in Figueres was inaugurated in 1982 on the premises of the old “Hotel París” (former manor house of the Baron of Terrades, from 1767) on the Rambla de Figueres. Recent rehabilitation and adaptation works have made it possible to triple the initial space of the Museum, reopened on 12 December 1998. It is part of the Network of Local Museums of Catalonia-Girona.

The Museum has a Documentation and Research Center on games and toys, the Brossa-Frègoli auditorium and a space for outdoor activities: El Terrat del Museu. Visiting the collection can have several readings: nostalgia through the toys of our grandparents; and observation, with which we trace the scientific and technical advances of each moment that have affected the design of games and toys, in the same way that historical events and artistic movements have done and continue to do. .