Enjoy the gastronomy of the Costa Brava!

The Costa Brava offers one of the many variations of Mediterranean cuisine.  As the critic Jaume Fàbrega and the chef Enric Herce explain in their book “The Culinary Odyssey”, there is not just one Mediterranean cuisine but several.  Here the cultural and religious heritage, and the know-how of each Mediterranean region radiates. Contrary to the cliché this cuisine does not require a wide range of products but its richness lies in the imagination of the cooks who combine all the elements of the sea, fields, pastures and the mountains.  According to the authors, the ability to combine is the most important aspect of this local cuisine and they consider that Turkish cuisine is probably the closest to Catalan.  Among the typical dishes of Costa Brava cuisine, from Sea and Mountain,  we find the famous Palamós prawn and black rice dish – delicious!