Summer season coming to a close

As Summer comes to an end as does another season.  After two years living with the pandemic we have been able, in large part, recover the situation of normality that we had in 2019, certainly as far as health restrictions are concerned.  Most of our customers who had not been able to travel to our campsites over the last two years have been able to do so this year with next to no inconvenience (except for a few incidents at various European airports due to lack of staff). 

However, post-pandemic problems and the current turbulent international situatio unfortunately affected the outcome of many aspects of this summer.  Problems that have not only affected Spain, but also most European countries. The shortage of seasonal labour, the shortage of certain products and even transport issues of some raw materials have affected the correct functionality of our establishments.

Unfortunately, some of our customers will have suffered these problems directly.  The lack of staff, especially in bars, restaurants and other points of sale, was the cause of long queues during certain periods as well as some other unwanted inconveniences.

The supermarkets of the campsites were also affected by the situation which resulted in not being sufficiently stocked during certain weeks of the summer.  Our team worked hard to find a solution during the season but unfortunately our efforts to do so were unsuccessful.  

We would like to take this opportunity to apologize for all the problems caused.  The two campsites have made a commitment to reverse this situation for next season.  Among other measures, the Human Resources department is working on attracting qualified personnel from other countries so that the staffing issues of this year are not repeated.

We hope the difficult international situation that has been affecting us all for some time will improve.

We appreciate your understanding and look forward to enjoying the summer of 2023 together.