How to choose the best family tent?

Are you planning on going camping in the mountains with your children? Family camping is an adventure that can be fun for the little ones but it can also be something relaxing for the adults too! Enjoying the great mountain air whilst in the middle of nature is something incredible, however, if you want everyone to be comfortable during the long cold nights, you must choose the best family tent.

What is a family tent?

Before explaining how to choose a tent in which to spend a peaceful night outside, lets find out what characterizes a family tent compared to other models. Tents of this type are actually a hybrid of igloo type tents and pavilion style tents. They are very tall and resistant tents in which you can divide the space into different rooms and compartments, so that all members of the family can enjoy this experience of the great outdoors.

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What should I consider when choosing the best tent for my family?

It is best to look at various factors when choosing a tent:

The climate

On the market you can find four types of classification according to the seasons for which the tents have been designed:

  • 2 season tents: Designed for spring and summer. They do not withstand heavy rain or strong winds.
  • 3 season tents: These are the best seller and are used for camping all year round, but in winter you need to be prepared for the cold.
  • 4-season tents: These are used for camping any time of the year, but they are usually expensive and heavy.
  • 5 season tents: These are the tents of explorers, they resist the worst weather conditions and can be used in any region of the world. These are the most expensive type of tent.

Water resistance

For safety and comfort the tent must be able to withstand water very well! Water resistance is measured through the water column of the tent. A good water column is around 2500mm.


You will find three types of tents depending on the type of assembly:

  • Canadian tents: these are those in which the fabric is raised by stretching and nailing ropes with pegs.
  • Freestanding tents: these consist of the tents which are held up through the rods and which you can place anywhere, even on a concrete floor.
  • Instant Pitch Tents: These are arguably the easiest tents to assemble because as the name suggests, they pitch instantly. These tents open and assemble themselves.

Tent size

How many family members are participating? This is an important factor, there must be enough space for all members of the family.

The weight

Depending on your mode of travel, by car or not, this consideration takes on more or less importance. If you are traveling with a backpack then the weight of the tent must be taken into account as you will not want it to be too heavy.

We hope this article helped you choose the best family tent for you and we wish you a great time camping with your family.